ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII) specializes in design and manufacture of an array of iron/ stainless steel tanks and equipments to support winemaking processes required by the clients.
AII also specializes in the development of “serrurerie” (platforms, walkways and stairways). In summary, AII offers its customers design and implementation of turnkey cellars.
AII provides stainless steel tanks (VATs) and equipments in the various phases of wine making operation:

  • Cellar: complete set of tanks and associated fittings
  • Wine making
  • Wine Storage

Wine Making Tanks (VATs)

To achieve excellence and be more efficient, wineries are deploying various types of tanks and winemaking methods. AII produces wine tanks dedicated to support various winemaking processes in various shapes (cylindrical, conical, rectangular and compartmentalized) and with different accessories as per customer specifications.

possible customizations are:

Tank Bottom: conical, flat, flat tilted, “spoon” (assisted)

Climate control systems:

  • Half-shell external heat exchanger
  • Honeycomb external heat exchanger
  • Laser (high pressure) external heat exchanger
  • Fixed mount exchanger immersed in the tanks (stainless steel coil, flag electro-polished)

Assembly Systems :

  • Specific diameter sprinkler tanks and flow (with pump assembly incorporated)
  • Draining grid (large surface drainage)
  • Ease of disassembly and cleaning

AII also offers iron/ stainless steel tanks suitable for “Pigeage” process.