“As a Former Master of wine cellars, i know that success of producing a great wine is always the sum of smaller things but each of great importance.”


In 2004 when I took over the management of ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII), I knew that this company has great potential and we should harmonize all our technical skills and expertise in iron/ stainless steel boiler-making, a noble art indeed, to drive excellence.

Our desire to serve different sectors of industry would not have been possible without the expertise of my team.

AII is an efficient production engine focused on effective execution of tasks. Our current level of success is a result of true teamwork, high level of motivation and professionalism of everyone inside the company.

Today, we are recognized by the quality of our products. We feel proud to satisfy our prestigious clients, who in turn are willing to trust us from the very beginning of our engagement.

With the strategic support and one-team spirit of our partner BIO-INOX, we have the wherewithal to increase the scope of our market offerings – especially for exports, driven by the complementary nature of our respective products, while we remain faithful to our common values of quality, competitiveness and compliance.

  • Professionalism

    and thoroughness of work.

  • Respect for

    human dignity and commitment.

  • Build expertise

    and nurture innovation.

  • Pride in product

    reliability and work quality.