ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII) is a recognized manufacturer of tanks and vessels for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and general healthcare industry, used to develop products such as powder, perfume, makeup, tablets, vaccines, syrups, etc.

AII can build equipments with capacities ranging from 50 litres to 200,000 litres.

Our products

Agitator (Stirrers) Tanks

AII produces agitator tanks (with various types of stirrers) and offers innovative solutions including certification vide laboratory testing, in order to optimize boiler equipments, such as : Simple mixers to maintain homogeneity, scrapers for scraping the wall and the bottom shell, coaxial, counter-rotating types of agitators, tri-mixers with mixing & scraping, Dispersion

Tanks for heating / cooling / Climate Control

AII delivers tanks and reactors used for heating/ cooling/ Climate Control, as per the thermal performance required by the client. AII optimizes the type, size, pressure and flow for integrated exchangers accordingly.

Horizontal Tanks

AII defines the most suitable tank based on the available space and usage constraints. Horizontal tanks are proposed as alternatives for usage in low ceiling spaces.

Heat Exchangers

ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII) builds different types of heat exchangers integrated with tanks as per customer needs : Half-shell, laser powered, used for extreme performance, steam, temperature and direct triggers, water bath used to heat ingredients gently and gradually to a fixed temperature, in order to keep the mixture warm over a period of time depending on the process requirements (e.g. Red lips, chocolate, etc.)

Buffer Tank

AII produces iron/ stainless steel equipments as per customer requirements, such as : Integrated control systems (tracing, heater, circuit exchange) to control density and temperature of produce, final volume production, as per available space in the factory.
The different types of stainless iron/ stainless steel tanks that AII can build in its workshop reaches up to 200 m3 : Non-insulated tanks, horizontal Tanks, compartmentalized tanks, tanks with pressurized inert gas (Nitrogen)

Major clients

  • SANOFI (Ambarès, Val de Reuil, Marcy l’Etoile, Vitry, Montpellier)
  • L.P.A. à ALGER
  • E.L.P
  • COTELLE (Colgate Palmolive)