A a leading French company in its own field, ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII) has capabilities to manufacture various types of equipments as per customer specifications.

Pictures and examples provided in the picture gallery are just selective samples from a wide variety of equipments and fabrications that AII has built for various industries.

Key Industries

Food & Beverages

ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII), has strong experience and expertise across various sectors of the Food and Beverage industry. It provides boiler equipments that satisfy both customer requirements and market conditions. The boilers are designed and manufactured in AII workshops, as per specific customer specifications, with precision and hand-crafted quality.

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic & Healthcare

ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII) is a recognized manufacturer of tanks and vessels for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and general healthcare industry, used to develop products such as powder, perfume, makeup, tablets, vaccines, syrups, etc. AII can build equipments with capacities ranging from 50 litres to 200,000 litres.


ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIES (AII) is often required by system integrators or engineering firms to design and manufacture vessels required to produce complex chemical products (such as Paints, Bio-fuels, Solvents, Corrosives) as per specific standards.


ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII) builds products for all sectors related to water treatment and storage.

Wine Industry

ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII) specializes in design and manufacture of an array of iron/ stainless steel tanks and equipments to support winemaking processes required by the clients.

Miscellaneous Projects

ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII) can deliver unique projects as per customer specifications in the following industries : Aerospace and Defense, Corporate R&D of large groups, Academic Institutions, etc