ALLIANCE INOX INDUSTRIE (AII), has strong experience and expertise across various sectors of the Food and Beverage industry. It provides boiler equipments that satisfy both customer requirements and market conditions.

The boilers are designed and manufactured in AII workshops, as per specific customer specifications, with precision and hand-crafted quality.

AII specializes in micro breweries, and provides complete sets of “Empattage” tanks for brewing, fermentation, and gasification under pressure, to form quality spirit.

AII offers aseptic tanks with vapour barrier for dairy and fruit juice requirements.

AII maintains complete confidentiality for all specifications and definitions provided by clients. It provides full transparency to clients of all the manufacturing steps and processes, and delivers the same as comprehensive construction files.

Automatic tank, mobile tank

AII makes automatic preparation tanks equipped with its own power source and controls. This is used to regulate temperature and other necessary conditions required for making products during research phase (pilot) and or during industrial launch.

For such requirements, AII and clients work as partners to search and build the correct solution right from the beginning.